The Edge your Business Deserves:

At Acue:iti, our strength lies in our understanding of human behaviour from a brand marketing perspective

We understand how people think, how they act, how they decide, and what drives them. These insights coupled with an understanding of your business challenges have shaped our service offerings.

Our services help you connect better and influence the people who matter most to your business. Your customers and your employees.

Come take a look at what we offer:

Strategy & Implementation

Digital Marketing Communication:

Strategy & Implementation

As ROI of traditional models of B2B marketing go down, new practices in B2B marketing communications are emerging. Internet and mobile technologies are, on a daily basis, redefining the rules of marketing communication.

At Acue:iti we bring our deep understanding and fundamental knowledge of digital technologies and new media; to offer tailor made 360°integrated communication solutions for today’s B2B marketing challenges.

Our Digital Marketing Communication Strategy Initiative gives you :

  • A comprehensive as well as cohesive web presence plan for your company, driven by experience and insights into what works.
  • A detailed content strategy for marketing and thought leadership for both Corporate and Brand.
  • An implementation plan for enhanced awareness and reputation of your company brand amongst the defined stakeholders.

To know more about how our Digital Marketing Services can give your marketing efforts the extra edge, drop a message or call to fix a meeting.

Corporate Identity & Branding:

Strategy & Implementation

As businesses grow, they change.

  • They change to capitalize on new opportunities.
  • They enter new markets and new segments. Open new offices.
  • They introduce new products and services while discontinuing some others.
  • New systems, processes, and practices are adopted.
  • Overtime they transform.
  • How a business brand presents itself and communicates with the market also needs to keep pace with its new reality.
  • It needs to accurately project what it has become

With our Corporate Identity and Branding Strategy Initiative you get :

  • A cohesive corporate and brand messaging strategy for all stakeholders – external as well as internal.
  • An evocative brand positioning that gives a compelling perspective of your company.
  • If required, an upgraded / refreshed / new logo & mnemonic. One which encapsulates the current reality as well as future vision of your company.
  • A unified design template for all the brand identity and communication elements along with a Brand Identity Manual.

If you feel it is time to ‘refresh’ your corporate identity and would like to know how to go about it, please drop a message or call.

Planning & Implementation

Digital Media Strategy:

Planning & Implementation
  • The internet has changed the way businesses interact with their customers.
  • With a genuine understanding of online consumer behaviour and the media consumption habits of customers, we help our clients reach their buyers in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • Be it display, social media, search or retargeting, our solutions help our clients achieve their goals.

With our Digital Media Planning and Buying Solutions you get:

  • A detailed media plan for your online campaign with clear and measurable objectives.
  • A transparent, campaign implementation and tracking mechanism with periodic updates.
  • An analysis and report of the campaign achievements after the campaign is over.

If you require a media plan that delivers the results you expect, please drop a message and we will get in touch.

Marketing Communication Audit:

Our Marketing Communication Audit is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates your existing communication strategy along with the branding and communication elements. Drawing context from the industry, the competition, the customers, and stakeholders; the audit involves a key competitors scan and analysis as well as mapping of customer demographics and psychographics.

Prior to the audit a complete ‘Brand Brief’ is obtained from the senior management to better understand the ‘Brand Ambition’. This is done to set the benchmarks for evaluating the findings and discovering gaps, if any.

Here’s what you can expect from our Marketing Communication Audit :

  • An objective evaluation and comment on your current branding and communication strategy for the corporate and product brands vis-à-vis the market and competition.
  • Advise on how to align brand marketing communication across diverse elements and mediums.
  • Suggestions for improvement/s in the brands’ digital presence and content strategies.
  • A 12-month roadmap, with approximate costs and timelines for implementing the suggestions.

Please note, you are under no-obligation to implement the suggestions through the Acueiti team.

If you would really like to know the true impact of your current marketing efforts, how they measure up against your ambitions, and what course correction is required; please drop a message or call.

Internal Communication - Strategy & Implementation :

As an organization grows, it evolves, matures and transforms.

This growth and transformation bring the challenge of ensuring that all internal stakeholders are aligned to the organization’s contemporary realities, plans and goals, along with its vision, values, and ethos.

This is where a robust and wholesome internal communication strategy becomes essential for the organization to build internal engagement, achieve a high degree of buy-in, attain desirable motivation levels, and improve cultural alignment.


With our Internal Communication Initiative, you get:

  • A comprehensive audit to determine your internal communication needs and challenges.
  • A communication strategy and execution plan aligned to your organization’s needs and your employees’ expectations.
  • Communication strategy implementation training modules for HR and line managers.
  • A yearly communication calendar with content strategy guidelines.
  • Customized tools to measure the effectiveness of the strategy.